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Kes 10 / per jackpot
  • min 10 odds per person
  • Guaranteed 1 jackpot winner
  • and several bonus winners
  • 12, 11 &10 games respectively 

How it Works

We have all the possible odds of a 13 game jackpot that is 1.5M odds.You can buy a single odd at 10 kshs but minimum odds you can buy are 10 at a time but you can purchase as many times as you want. Once you have purchased your odds they will NOT be available on our website meaning, no one else can have the odds you bought.

Don’t place the bets yet until you see the count down timer of our jackpot odds at 0. Meaning we will have sold all the possible 1.5M odds and everyone will have each his/her unique combinations.

Once the clock hits zero we will communicate via SMS on when to place your odds on a 13 game jackpot game of our choice and date. If everybody places the odds we have sold out simultaneously the same date. We guarantee that on that day there will be a winner of the Jackpot and also several bonus winners of 12, 11 and 10 games respectively correct predictions. NB: After you buy your odds keep watching the countdown timer to know how many odds are remaining on the site.